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Our push plates and crucibles have the advantages of high alumina content, low impurity content, high temperature resistance, good thermal shock stability and low expansion coefficient.

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Our push plate and crucible have high content of alumina, working temperature of 1800 ℃, excellent high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance and deformation resistance, long life, fine surface, good bonding strength, not easy to fall off, good high temperature strength and not easy to deform. It has been widely used in various electric furnaces and high temperature sintering furnaces.

Application Introduction

Application (1)
Application (2)

Widely used in ceramics, electronics, magnetic materials, rare earth, fluorescent materials, glass, metallurgy and other industries in the tunnel push plate kiln, shuttle kiln, electric furnace, and other high temperature parts.

Tech specs

Model No. Push plate Model No. Crucible
Volume density 3.6g/cm^3 Volume density: 3.6g/cm^3
Apparent porosity: 19.3% Apparent porosity: 19.3%
Compressive strength: ≥85MPa Compressive strength: ≥85MPa
Maximum operating temperature: 1800℃ Maximum operating temperature: 1800℃
Long-term operating temperature: 1750℃ Long-term operating temperature: 1750℃
Reheating linear-change: ≤0.1 Reheating linear-change: ≤0.1
Main material: AL2O3 Main material: AL2O3

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