Capacitive ceramic pressure element

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Capacitive ceramic pressure element (CCP) is a product dedicated to the automotive market. Precision molding process is adopted to normalize the production of sensor substrates. The automatic rotary tunnel furnace improves the sintering stability to produce better sensor substrates. Our substrate has high processing accuracy and good material stability, which can improve the quality of the sensor.

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Ceramic capacitive structure which can be used in a variety of measuring media environment.

Dry measurement without intermediate

High temperature and corrosion resistance

Wide application temperature range and can maintain high measurement accuracy within -40℃ ~ 150℃

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Application Introduction

Automotive systems (oil pressure, gearbox pressure)

Petrochemical industry (air conditioning pressure, pipeline pressure)

Petrochemical industry (air conditioning pressure, pipeline pressure)

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Capacitive ceramic pressure element (7)

Food and medical (intake pressure, water pipe pressure)

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Product case

With the rapid development of intelligence in various industries, the demand for sensors in all industries has shown a blowout growth. As one of the three main sensor types, pressure sensors are widely used in various industries. Conventional silicon piezoresistive products are difficult to ensure measurement accuracy and long-term reliability in high temperature and corrosion test environments due to their own structure and material characteristics. Ceramic capacitive pressure sensors just overcome these disadvantages and can be used in high temperature and corrosive environments. Ensure measurement accuracy and long-term reliability.

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Tech specs

Model No. CCP21D01/CCP21D02
Size: Customizable
Main components: 96%AL2O3
Density: ≥3.7g/cm^3(25℃)
Hardness: ≥HV0.5N1300
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 6.95-7.55ppm/25-500℃
volume resistivity: 10^14DH-CM(25℃)
Parallelism ≤0.01mm
Flatness ≤0.01mm

Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications.

Applicable Industry

Shaft seal (1)

Electronic and electrical industry

Shaft seals (2)

New energy industry

Shaft seals  (1)

Textile industry

Shaft seals  (3)

Medical instruments

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Chemical Industry

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