Self-lubricating Ceramic Shaft and Shaft seal

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Self-lubricating Ceramic Shaft / Shaft seal have improved the material properties on the basis of maintaining the original high strength, acid and alkali resistance, and friction resistance of alumina products. The biggest feature is the reduction of the coefficient of friction. The shafts and shaft seals using this material show obvious advantages. For example: longer life, lower noise, better stability, and better protection of the motor.

The micro-textured self-lubricating ceramic material improves the comprehensive mechanical properties of the Al2O3 ceramic material. The fracture toughness and flexural strength of the brown self-lubricating ceramic shaft are 7.43MPa·m1/2 and 504.8MPa, respectively, which are about 0.4% and 12.3% higher than the ordinary alumina ceramic shaft, the maximum friction coefficient is reduced by about 33.3% and the minimum friction coefficient is reduced by about 18.2%.

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Not only strong hardness (≥HV0.5N1300), excellent wear resistance, light weight

The material itself has high temperature resistance of 1600℃, corrosion resistance, no expansion (between 100-800℃), can be used in strong acid and alkali, high temperature and other environments

No magnetic, no dust absorption, low noise, and excellent self-lubrication characteristics

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Self-lubricating Ceramic Shaft and Shaft seal (6)

Application Introduction

High speed digital motor and ordinary high-speed motor.

All kinds of brushless motor pumps.

All kinds of motors with high resistance of temperature, acid, and alkali environment.

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Tech specs

Main components: Coffee-colored ceramic base self-lubricating composite materials
Hardness: ≥HV0.5N1300
Bending strength: 330MPa
Compressive strength: 3000GPa
Operating temperature: 1000℃
Size and shape: Dimensions and machining accuracy can be customized

Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications.

Applicable Industry

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Electronic and electrical industry

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New energy industry

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Textile industry

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Medical instruments

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Chemical Industry

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