Aluminum oxide Ceramic shaft / Shaft seal

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We adopt precision molding process large-scale production of alumina ceramic shaft, ceramic bearing.  Alumina ceramic shaft, ceramic bearing with heat and cold resistance, small force elasticity, pressure resistance, light weight, small friction coefficient and so on some advantages, widely used in high number motor.

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Ball-milling ---Prilling

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Excellent wear resistance, equivalent to 266 times of manganese steel.

High hardness. Far more than stainless steel in wear resistance.

Light weight, its density is 3.9g/cm3, can reduce equipment load.

The material itself is resistant to the high temperatures of 1600℃ and has good self-lubrication. There is no expansion caused by temperature difference between 100℃ and 800℃.

The material itself has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and can be used in the fields of strong acid, strong base, inorganic, organic salt, seawater, etc.

No magnetic, no dust absorption, low noise; Can be used in demagnetization equipment, precision instruments and other fields.

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Advantages (1)

Application Introduction

High speed digital motor and ordinary high-speed motor.

All kinds of brushless motor pumps.

All kinds of motors with high resistance of temperature, acid, and alkali environment.

Application Introduction (1)
Application Introduction (2)

Sample case

Most cordless vacuum cleaners use a traditional brushless DC motor, which typically runs at 25,000 times /Min.

Digital motor using ceramic shaft as rotating shaft. Although small, but powerful, using digital pulse technology, generate electromagnetic force, drive magnetic force rotation, the speed of up to 125000 times /Min.

sample case (1)
sample case (2)

Tech specs

Model No. Ceramic shaft / Shaft seal
Main components: Al2O3 made in Japan
Hardness: ≥HV0.5N1650
Bending strength: 400Mpa
Compressive strength: 3500Gpa
Operating temperature: 1000℃
Size: OD 1-50mm

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Applicable Industry

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Electronic and electrical industry

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New energy industry

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Textile industry

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Medical instruments

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Chemical Industry

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