New Functional Ceramic Materials (2)

Dielectric ceramics

Dielectric ceramics, also known as dielectric ceramics, refer to functional ceramics that can polarize under the action of an electric field and can establish an electric field in the body for a long time. Dielectric ceramics have high insulation resistance, high voltage resistance, small dielectric constant, dielectric Low loss, high mechanical strength and good chemical stability, mainly used in capacitors and microwave circuit components.

Dielectric ceramics include ceramic dielectric materials such as ferrodielectric ceramics, semiconductor dielectric ceramics, high-frequency dielectric ceramics and microwave dielectric ceramics.


Nano functional ceramics

Nano functional ceramics are new functional ceramics with antibacterial, activation, adsorption, filtration, and other functions used in air purification and water treatment. Mineralization function.

Piezoelectric Ceramics

Piezoelectric ceramics refer to ferroelectric ceramics which are polycrystals formed by sintering oxides (zirconia, lead oxide, titanium oxide, etc.) at high temperature and solid phase reaction, and are subjected to DC high voltage polarization treatment to make them have piezoelectric effect. It is a functional ceramic material that can convert mechanical energy and electrical energy into each other. Due to its good mechanical properties and stable piezoelectric properties, piezoelectric ceramics are an important force, heat, electricity, and light-sensitive functional materials., has been widely used in sensors, ultrasonic transducers, micro-displacers, and other electronic components.

Commonly used piezoelectric components include sensors, gas igniters, alarms, audio equipment, medical diagnostic equipment and communications... The usual piezoelectric material is PZT, and the new piezoelectric ceramic materials include high-sensitivity, high-stable piezoelectric ceramic materials, electro strictive ceramic materials, pyroelectric ceramic materials, etc.

Transparent functional ceramics

Transparent functional ceramic material is an optically transparent functional material. In addition to having all the basic characteristics of general ferroelectric ceramics, it also has excellent electro-optical effect. Through the control of components, it can exhibit electronically controlled birefringence effect and electronically controlled light scattering. effect, electronically controlled surface distortion effect, electrostrictive effect, pyroelectric effect, photovoltaic effect, and photo strictive effect…

Transparent ceramics can be made into electro-optical and electro-mechanical dual-use devices for various purposes: optical switches for optical communication, optical attenuators, optical isolators, optical storage, displays, real-time display pagers, optical fiber docking Micro-displacement drives, light intensity sensors, optical drivers, etc.

With the rapid development of material science, various new properties and new applications of functional ceramic materials are constantly recognized by people. Functional ceramics have been used in energy development, space technology, electronic technology, sensing technology, laser technology, optoelectronic technology, infrared technology. , biotechnology, environmental science and other fields are widely used. Functional ceramics are also developing in the direction of high performance, high reliability, multi-function, miniaturization, and integration.

Post time: Mar-25-2022