Why Aluminum Titanate Sprue Sleeve

The Function of Sprue Sleeve

Under the action of pressure, liquid aluminum in the heat preservation furnace of the die casting machine enters the mold cavity through the sprue sleeve from the liquid lift pipe, and completes the sequential solidification through the cooling system under the action of pressure. In the process of low pressure casting of aluminum alloy wheel, the gating system is particularly important, its left and right sides not only make liquid aluminum fill the mold cavity smoothly, but also play a role of reinforcing in the blank solidification stage, so as to get the inner structure of dense castings. The sprue sleeve is at the junction of the pouring system and the forming system, the sprue sleeve is an important part of the aluminum alloy wheel die-casting system, just like the bottleneck, can be called the throat of the die-casting system, its structural design and material selection have an important impact on the contour filling and solidification.

Aluminum Titanate Sprue Sleeve

The Advantages of Aluminum Titanate Sprue Sleeve

1. High temperature stability, no peeling.

2. Good thermal shock resistance, can resist to temperature change.

3. High strength, erosion resistance.

4. Slag corrosion resistance, high temperature corrosion resistance.

5. Good thermoplasticity at high temperature, buffer thermal stress, less sticky slag.

Post time: Apr-21-2022