The advantages of ceramic valve pieces

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1. long use time: the relevant research shows that ceramic valve piece after more than 500,000 switching operations can still be smooth and labor-saving operation, can be durable use. Ceramic valve pieces are resistant to aging, wear, no maintenance, to ensure the stability of operation, saving maintenance costs and labor intensity and so on.

2. superior sealing: ceramic material tensile strength is high, not easy to deform, high temperature, low temperature, wear, non-corrosion characteristics determine the excellent sealing properties of ceramic materials. Ceramic valve pieces make the tap not easy to leak water droplets, but also to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and water conservation.

Ceramic valves are widely used. Some old-fashioned single-cold taps and commonly used valve valve pieces or use copper valve pieces, copper valve pieces are less durable than ceramic valve pieces. Ceramic valves are more resistant to wear than copper valves and do not damage healthy water quality due to rust. At the same time in the actual use of the process, the quality of ceramic valve pieces is relatively good, very solid, not easy to loosen, there will be no leakage, water is very smooth, will not cut off water, but the copper valve piece is different, long-term use will let it be worn and produce leakage, and now copper valve piece in the slow exit from the market. The current shower is mostly used ceramic valve pieces, such valve pieces can improve sealing, good quality can open and close hundreds of thousands of times without leaking a drop of water, compared with the old-style shower can save 30% to 50% water.

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Post time: Oct-11-2021