Seven Characteristics of Alumina Porcelain

1.High mechanical strength. The flexural strength of alumina porcelain sintered products is up to 250MPa, and that of hot-pressed products is up to 500MPa. The purer the alumina composition, the higher the strength. Strength can be maintained up to 900°C at high temperatures. Using the mechanical strength of alumina porcelain, it can be made into mechanical parts such as porcelain. The mohs hardness of alumina ceramics can reach 9, plus it has excellent wear resistance, so it is widely used in manufacturing tools, ball valves, grinding wheels, ceramic nails, bearings, etc., among which alumina ceramic tools and industrial valves are the most widely used.

2.High resistivity, good electrical insulation performance. The room temperature resistivity of alumina porcelain is 1015 Ω·cm, and the insulation strength is 15kV/mm. Using its insulation and strength, it can be made into substrate, socket, spark plug, circuit shell and so on.

3.High hardness. Alumina porcelain mohs hardness of 9, plus excellent wear resistance, so it is widely used in manufacturing tools, grinding wheels, grinding tools, drawing die, extrusion die, bearings and so on. High precision can be achieved at high cutting speeds when machining automotive engine and aircraft parts using alumina ceramic tools.

4.High melting point. The corrosion resistance of alumina porcelain is 2050℃, and it has good resistance to Be, Sr, Ni, Al, V, Ta, Mn, Fe, Co and other molten metals. It is also highly resistant to NaOH erosion, glass and slag. It does not interact with Si, P, Sb and Bi in inert atmosphere. Therefore, it can be used as refractory material, furnace tube, glass wire drawing crucible, hollow ball, fiber, thermocouple protective cover, etc.

5. Excellent chemical stability. Many complex sulfides, phosphates, arsenides, chlorides, nitride, bromides, iodides, oxides, and sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, and hydrofluoric acids do not interact with alumina. Therefore, alumina can be made into pure metal and single crystal growth crucible, human joints, artificial bones and so on.

6. Optical properties. Alumina porcelain can be made into transparent material (transparent alumina porcelain), sodium vapor lamp, microwave fairing, infrared window, laser oscillation element, etc.

7.Lonic conductivity. Alumina porcelain can be used as solar cell material and battery material.


Post time: Jun-21-2022