Depth analysis of electronic atomizing cotton core VS ceramic atomizing core

First, from the perspective of the development of electronic atomization technology; the electronic cigarette atomization core has changed from glass fiber rope plus resistance wire to cotton core plus resistance wire, and finally developed to the current ceramic atomization core.
The ceramic atomizing core is an upgraded product of the cotton core. It solves the problems of high porosity of the cotton core, high e-liquid permeability, easy liquid leakage, easy dry burning, and low taste stability. Therefore, from the experience point of view, the cotton core cannot be compared with the ceramic core.
Second, from the perspective of various technical indicators, the cotton core lags behind the ceramic core.
1. The ceramic atomizing core fogs faster and has higher atomization stability.
2. The atomization efficiency of the ceramic atomizing core is 2-3 times that of the cotton core.
3. The mist generated by the ceramic atomizing core is more delicate and soft, and the airflow stability is higher.
4. The heating of the ceramic body of the ceramic atomizing core is more uniform, and the aroma reduction degree is higher.
5. The ceramic atomizing core has higher nicotine delivery efficiency and very low leakage rate.
Through some experimental data, we can find that in almost every key indicator that determines the atomizing core, the cotton core is completely behind the ceramic atomizing core.


The heating temperature of the ceramic atomizing core is uniform

Third, from the production method of cotton core, it is also doomed that cotton core cannot compete with ceramic core.
Because the biggest disadvantage of cotton wick is that it is very difficult to achieve large-scale automated production, which will lead to low efficiency, technical difficulties, and high-quality risks.
On the contrary, the ceramic atomizing core has achieved fully automatic production, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved.

Post time: Jan-24-2022