Application and characteristics of zirconia ceramics in the automotive field

Auto parts are made of various materials, such as plastic, steel or ceramic. The advantages of zirconia ceramic material are brought into full play in automobiles, because many parts of automobiles are all made of this material, and they are all involved in important devices such as engines, sensors, brakes, and shock absorbers. Let's take a look at the ceramic parts of new energy vehicles.

First of all, briefly introduce the characteristics of zirconia ceramics. Zirconia ceramics are sintered with inorganic non-metals such as zirconia and yttria, so compared with the alumina ceramics used in the past, the strength and high temperature resistance have been significantly improved, further improving its use in the automotive field. application effect.

There is a serious problem of heat loss in automobile engines with traditional materials. To reduce this part of the loss, it is necessary to surround the combustion chamber with zirconia ceramic materials with good thermal insulation properties for thermal insulation, and then use exhaust gas turbochargers and power turbines to recover. exhaust energy, thereby effectively improving the efficiency of the car engine.

Capacitive Ceramic Pressure Element

The basic requirements for automotive sensors are that they should be able to be used in the harsh environment unique to automobiles for a long time and have the characteristics of small size and light weight, good reusability, and wide output range. Sensors made of zirconia ceramics just meet the above requirements, because ceramics have heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and their potential excellent electromagnetic and optical properties.

Zirconia ceramic brakes are also made based on carbon fiber brakes. After pressing, heating, carbonization, heating, cooling and other processes, the hardness of the carbon-silicon compound surface of this type of brake is close to that of diamonds, because of its impact resistance. , The corrosion resistance is very outstanding.

Car spray
In recent years, zirconia ceramic materials have also been widely used in automotive spraying technology. After this treatment, the engine can reduce heat dissipation loss, reduce the quality of the engine itself, reduce the size of the engine, and reduce fuel consumption. In addition, smart ceramic materials, as a kind of zirconia ceramics, have also become the focus of attention. The smart material systems or structures that combine functional materials, drive systems and feedback systems on automobiles are made of this material.

Post time: Apr-19-2022