Advantages of faucet ceramic disc

water value

There is a spool shell inside the faucet, the top of the spool shell is a rotating core, the lower end of the rotating core is connected with the moving disc, and the moving disc and the static disc are attached to each other, the static disc is fixed in the spool shell. Pressure plate and gasket will be below the static disc.

The static disc is provided with two relative water inlet through holes, the moving disc is provided with a water outlet through hole corresponding to the water inlet through hole, and the rotating core is provided with a through hole in the direction consistent with their central axis. When rotating the core, the lower end of the rotary fork drives the moving disc rotation, so that the moving disc of the water through hole and the static disc of the water through hole corresponding to each other, and finally the water from the hole on the rotary core outflow.This design is widely used in the faucet outlet.

Faucet ceramic disc can be used for a long time. Faucet ceramic disc aging resistance & wear resistance & no maintenance ensure the stability of the operation and save maintenance costs and labor intensity and so on. At the same time, aging and wear resistance also makes the service life of faucet ceramic disc far more than other faucet disc life.

In addition, ceramic materials high tensile strength, not easy to deformation, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion characteristics determine the excellent sealing performance of ceramic materials. Faucet ceramic disc makes faucet not easy leakage water, also achieved the purpose of environmental protection and water saving.

Post time: Apr-14-2022