What is the application of ceramic components in electronic cigarette?

Ceramic material has unique properties. It can control various properties through formula. Therefore, many direct contact elements and heating elements of e-cigarette are made of ceramic materials.

It is mainly used in ceramic atomizer, ceramic cigarette holder, ceramic heating plate and ceramic heating core.

1. Ceramic atomizer

The position of electronic cigarette holder and atomizer is widely used in ceramic materials as direct contact and heating elements. As the core component of electronic cigarette, how to select the appropriate ceramic heating element is more important. Compared with traditional cotton core heating, ceramic heating can increase the atomization steam by 25% and has better continuity. While improving the heating effect, it can save 20% of electric energy and prolong the battery life of electronic cigarette equipment.

2. Ceramic cigarette holder

Ceramic cigarette holder is made of environment-friendly zirconia material, which is sintered at high temperature, showing a warm and smooth appearance. After high-temperature curing of ceramic materials, there is no residue of small molecular substances, and there is no precipitation of harmful substances after being heated by smoke. Compared with plastic materials, ceramic materials are more durable, environment-friendly and safe.

3. Ceramic heating plate

At present, ceramic heating elements are widely used in IQOS and other low-temperature non combustion e-cigarettes. Ceramic heating elements are usually made of zirconia ceramic substrate, with a thick metal film printed on the surface and sintered and solidified. The heating plate is fixed and installed through peek high-temperature special plastic base, and then contacts with cut tobacco. After being powered on, it plays the role of heating cut tobacco.

4. Ceramic heating core

Ceramic heating core. The new generation of medium and low temperature heating elements produced by printing resistance paste on porous ceramics, high-temperature hardening circuit, and then electrode and lead treatment are widely used in cigarette oil type electronic cigarette equipment.


Post time: Jan-29-2022